Matt Romein is a recent transplant from Seattle, WA. Having finished an undergrad program studying theatre and art/tech he has worked at numerous dance and performance venues in NYC, most recently finishing a season long production internship at New York Live Arts. His main areas of interest are projection design, artistic programming and interactive performance environments.


New Media aboard the

Aquarium from Austronesia

In collaboration with Beatrice Glow and the beautiful footage she shot, I wanted to find ways in which projection could respond to the architecture of the boat. Using the portholes above the engine room as a projection surface allowed for a more organic presentation as well as an opportunity to play with dual viewpoints, one looking up at the ceiling from the engine room and another looking down from the deck. Alternately, the installation in the petty officers room is an attempt to sculpt the footage in such a way that it captures the environment in which it is projected. The rushing water interspersed with the ghostly movement of jellyfish is my response to the ethereal and unsettling nature of the room.



       Below: Preview of the Engine Room skylight projection.

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