Arturo en el Barco is the work of Angélica Negrón, a young composer from Brooklyn, NY via San Juan, Puerto Rico. She writes lo-fi ambient compositions that are mostly crafted live through her ensemble which includes strings, toys, accordion, wine glasses, found sounds, music boxes and voices. Drawing inspiration from old family pictures, floating soap bubbles, random noises, marine creatures and puppets made by her friends, she is interested in creating a personal microcosm of recollections through sound. The project intends to evoke in the listener a sense of quiet adventures that happen when you travel to an imaginary past full of distant memories that are indistinct because they probably never actually happened.

For this show, Arturo en el Barco is Angélica Negrón (accordion, voice & toys), Matt Marks (french horn), Evelyn Farny (cello), Insia Malik (violin) & Jonny Rodgers (wine glasses).


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